Our Products

Body Protection

Face Sheilds | Protective Aprons & Coveralls | IR Thermometers

Our lightweight body protection products are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace for your employees. With the right body protection equipment, Orvato Healthcare also helps you comply with critical workplace PPE and safety standards – EN 13982 & EN13034.

Breathing Protection

IIR | FFP2 | FFP3 | Nano Silicon | Disposable | Reusable Masks

Orvato Healthcare’s infection control product line offers a range of disposable, washable, and reusable, antibacterial face mask to control the spread of contamination. Our flagship Nano-silicon masks are the only masks globally with 99.9% antibacterial effectiveness even after repeated washes.

Disposable Gloves

Nitrile | Latex | Vinyl

Orvato Healthcare offers a comprehensive selection of industrial grade disposable gloves in a range of different thicknesses and sizes. All of our gloves are certified and registered for use in both the medical and food industry so you can be assured to find a product that suits all your protective needs.

Hand Protection

Disposable Gloves | Hand Sanitisers | Anti-bacterial Handwash

Providing excellent tactile sensitivity and reliable protection against most chemicals and contaminants, Orvato Healthcare’s ambidextrous nitrile disposable gloves are available in different sizes to suit your business needs.

Surface Cleaning Solutions

Surface Santiser Sprays | Disinfectant Wipes | Surface Santisers

Orvato Healthcare offers a range of PPE products to allow for a safe environment for your organisation. Our custom branded sanitising stations, dispensers, sanitising gels, and our best-selling personal hygiene packs enable rather than inhibit employees from being productive.

Workplace & Retail Solutions

Pedestal Hand Sanitizer Stands | Social Distancing Tapes | Protective Counter Screens

We offer workplace solutions for any industry, including hospitals, automotive, education, hospitality, and construction. Our products range from social distancing signages, tapes, mats, and protective counter and desk screens allowing for maximum productivity and safety for your employees.