Body Protection

Our lightweight body protection products are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace for your employees. With the right body protection equipment, Orvato Healthcare also helps you comply with critical workplace PPE and safety standards – EN 13982 & EN13034.

Breathing Protection

Orvato Healthcare’s infection control product line offers a range of disposable, washable, and reusable, antibacterial face mask to control the spread of contamination. Our flagship Nano-silicon masks are the only masks globally with 99.9% antibacterial effectiveness even after repeated washes.

Hand Protection

Providing excellent tactile sensitivity and reliable protection against most chemicals and contaminants, Orvato Healthcare’s ambidextrous nitrile disposable gloves are available in different sizes to suit your business needs.

Surface Cleaning Solutions

Orvato Healthcare offers a range of PPE products to allow for a safe environment for your organisation. Our custom branded sanitising stations, dispensers, sanitising gels, and our best-selling personal hygiene packs enable rather than inhibit employees from being productive.

Workplace & Retail Solutions

We offer workplace solutions for any industry, including hospitals, automotive, education, hospitality, and construction. Our products range from social distancing signages, tapes, mats, and protective counter and desk screens allowing for maximum productivity and safety for your employees.


Global Supply Chain Excellence

We understand that across the globe essential medical products are becoming increasingly difficult to secure. We have leveraged our many supply chain relationships to support essential care workers, governments and key health organisations with a fast, reliable and consistent supply of PPE products and sanitisation solutions.

We’ve Got You Covered

We strive to be your go-to PPE provider, known for efficiency and reliability:

  • Our substantial production capacity allows us to guarantee your product when you need it
  • Scalability for increased demands whenever necessary
  • Dedicated teams to source and validate suppliers, all while ensuring each product is of the highest quality
  • Established direct relations with premium freight carriers for accelerated service and reliable scheduling

Team Members


Global Locations

Our Response to COVID-19

Global Offices

We have offices in the UK, USA and Asia Pacific regions that can service your needs efficiently and provide a steady and quick supply of your PPE requirements across the globe.

Global Supply Chain Excellence

We understand that provision of essential medical products has become increasingly difficult globally. Our response involves leveraging our worldwide supply chain and harnessing our long terms relationships to support essential care workers, governments and key health organisations with a fast, reliable and consistent supply of PPE products and sanitisation solutions.

Quality Assured PPE & Medical Equipment

Authentic PPE and medical devices are essential for the health and safety in healthcare, workplace and government environments. Current global issues have reinforced the need for robust strategies that mitigate the risk to business operations. Our global reach has enabled us to rapidly secure supply, whilst leveraging buying power to bring you both quantity and quality.

We have initiated a stringent process to validate suppliers, ensuring you are not subjected to unknown risk, potential fraud, or breach of international anti-slavery law.

Protected Clients

Protected Clients